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4 March 2016, Wanganui Chronicle

Education Real Art

30 July 2015, Gisborne Herald

The Real Art Roadshow

9 February 2015 – Word doc (33 KB)

Free mobile art exhibition helps children to develop their creativity

13 June 2012, The Daily Post

Show gives children brush with NZ art

30 July 2011, National Radio – MP3 (17.1 MB)

Fiona Campbell: art on the road – mp3

Fiona Campbell: art on the road –

9 June 2011, The G.B. Weekly

Real Art Roadshow

5 March 2011, Otago Daily Times

Philanthropist taking art to children

15 July 2010, Stratford Press – PDF (340 KB)

Have art, will travel

22 June 2010, Otago Daily Times

Road show brings NZ art to pupils

June 2010, Cue Television – FLV

Real Art Roadshow


13 May 2010, TV One – Close Up

Small investor’s big win from Trade Me sale

6 May 2010, Fiordland Advocate – PDF (376 KB)

Real art rolls in

22 April 2010, Southland Times – PDF (216 KB)

Okay what is it? / Mobile gallery on tour with Real Art

14 April 2010, High Country Herald, Alexia Johnston – PDF (536 KB)

Art gallery in a truck

12 April 2010, The Southland Times, Alana Dixon

Trucks bring Real Art Roadshow to city

8 April 2010, Wanaka Sun, Rosemary Brader – PDF (672 KB)

Real Art Roadshow, RAR a Trademe spinoff

1 April 2010, The Timaru Herald – PDF (480 KB)

Moving pictures

12 March 2010, Christ’s College Canterbury

Real Art Roadshow

25 February, 2010, Notice of Motion: Hon Steve Chadwick

Junior Labour Whip. Spokesperson for Arts, Culture and Heritage

That this House congratulates Fiona Campbell for her generosity in creating the Real Art Roadshow and taking her sizable art collection to New Zealand’s teenage students.

Hon Steve Chadwick

20 February 2010, The Dominion Post – PDF (608 KB)

Schooling Kiwi students in the art of philanthropy

20 February 2010, The Weekend Press – PDF (1.9 MB)

Trucks take art to hundreds of schools

December 26-January 1 2010 Vol No 3633, NZ Listener, Hamish Keith – PDF (60 KB)

So much for reform

19 January 2010, National Radio – MP3 (4.2 MB)

Summer Noelle with Noelle McCarthy: Fiona Campbell - The Real Art Roadshow

January 2010, North & South – PDF (500 KB)

New Zealander of the Year 2010

December 2009, The Listener – PDF (480 KB)

100 Best Books of 2009 – Real Art Roadshow The Book

25 November 2009, Piako Post – PDF (172 KB)

Students experience ‘real art’

20 November 2009, Creative New Zealand – PDF (64 KB)

National Business Review recognises a truckload of NZ art with Supreme Award

20 November 2009, Manawatu Standard – PDF (408 KB)

Small made big

22 November 2009, Sunday Star Times – PDF (100 KB)

RAR: The Book

13 November 2009, The National Business Review – PDF (640 KB)

Sponsorship of the Arts Awards 2009

Roadshow takes top Kiwi art to rural secondary students

4 November 2009, National Radio – MP3 (3.2 MB)

Courtney Johnston: All things art – Getting school kids face-to-face with real art

30 October 2009, Good Morning, TVNZ – FLV

Good Morning Show


28 October 2009, Capital Times – PDF (192 KB)

What a roadshow

20 October 2009, Dominion Post – PDF (1 MB)

Art of reading

Beattie’s Book Blog

Real Art Roadshow: The Book

5 October 2009, Waikato Times, Peter Dornauf – PDF (212 KB)

Bringing art to the people

Winter 2009, AA Directions – PDF (216 KB)

Fiona Campbell – Taking to the road to encourage creative lives

26 May 2009, Breakfast, TVNZ

Tamati at the Real Art Roadshow

1 April 2009, Franklin Life – PDF (180 KB)

Unconventional art gallery comes to Pukekohe

28 February 2009, Listener, Hamish Keith – PDF (488 KB)

Keep on truckin’

8 February 2009, Sunday Star Times, Bridget Saunders – PDF (352 KB)

About town in Auckland

Autumn 2008, Art News – PDF (744 KB)

Art clocks up the miles

16 July 2007, Kapiti Observer, Shannon Gillies – PDF (200 KB)

Art show ready to hit the road

17 May 2007, Kapiti Observer, Nigel Wilson – Word doc (40 KB)

Truck-load of art on the road

15 June 2007, The Dominion Post, Mark Amery – Word doc (52 KB)

Paintings free to breathe

18 July 2007, The Dominion Post, Kay Blundell – Word doc (44 KB)

Chance for pupils to look at “real art”

School feedback

St Peter’s College, Epsom
Teacher: 100% positive response from the students.
Students: Really inspiring and confusing at the same time, opens the mind to realising there is a larger amount of different arts in the world. Good Experience. Interesting Experience.

Westlake Boys High School
HOD Art: I’m going to let your tyres down so you can’t leave! It is absolutely brilliant! All placed perfectly and grouped so well; a credit to the organisation.

Marcellin College
Teacher: I was blown away by it and the generosity of sponsors who really have our kids at heart.
Students: I really enjoyed the Art Roadshow. The different medias used in the paintings were inspiring. I think the exhibition is great. Was very interesting, seeing them has given me new ideas and inspiration for my own work.

Waitakere College
Teacher: Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. We are a low decile school and often families struggle with funding extra curricular activities not to mention the red tape and hurdles we have to go through to take students out of the school. Thanks for a great experience, very inspiring collection, cheers, a great opportunity.

Hutt Valley High School
David Woodcock: “Thank you very much for bringing those wonderful pieces of work to us.
I had pushed to the back of my mind the whole event and believed that I knew what to expect. But I was so wrong!
I was ‘blown away’.
This concept of travelling art to schools is just so wonderful. It makes it so easy and the diversity of work is also a bonus.
Can’t wait till next year???!!!”

Kawerau College
Student: I am going to find out more about these well known artists via Google. I never knew that art was so interesting, but art is so cool and astonishing.

Alfriston College
Student: WOW! The textures are so real in person! When are you coming back? Thanks for coming here!

Spotswood College
HOD Art: Wonderful to see the REAL Art – see the texture and colour as it really is. Images in books can be deceptive and unclear, insufficient information. Artist Kelcy Taratoa was a student at Spotswood College.

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Press releases

February 2013 – Word doc (33 KB)

Free mobile art exhibition helps children to develop their creativity

February 2012 – Word doc (37 KB)

Touring schools in 2012

March 2011 – Word doc (33 KB)

Touring in 2011

March 2011 – Word doc (304 KB)

National Business Review recognises a truckload of NZ art with Supreme Award

1 September 2009 – PDF (136 KB)

Real Art Roadshow: The Book

15 February 2009 – Word doc (32 KB)

On the road in 2009

4 February 2009 – Word doc (60 KB)

Auckland launch

11 October 2008 – Word doc (52 KB)

Mahara launch – where it all began