About the Real Art Roadshow

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Bringing real art to secondary school students

What is the Real Art Roadshow?

The Real Art Roadshow is two fantastic collections of real New Zealand art that wheels their way to schools throughout the country. The mobile art gallery unfolds to form a 80 square metre space and displays over 60 original artworks by some of New Zealand’s leading artists. New Zealand’s biggest travelling art collection. see the artwork

What is the objective of the Roadshow?

The Real Art Roadshow aims to give students interested in art the opportunity to see the real thing; to be inspired, challenged and ‘wowed’ by the true scale, texture and colour of original artworks, no matter where they live or where they study.

Who is behind the Roadshow?

The Real Art Roadshow is the brainchild of Fiona Campbell, Rob McLeod and Gerald Barnett, three visionary art curators who had the idea of bringing real art to school students in geographically isolated or challenging locations throughout New Zealand. Prior to the Roadshow, many of these students had only encountered New Zealand art through textbooks and web images. Realising that it’s not always possible to bring the students to the art, the team had a eureka moment and decided to bring the art to the students!

Where does the art collection come from?

The Real Art Roadshow collection has been purchased from the artists themselves as well as dealers and auctions. It has been put together with art students in mind and dovetails neatly into the New Zealand art curriculum. This, however, does not make it predictable or a reflection of art establishment tastes. The Real Art Roadshow is everything you expect it to be, yet is full of the unexpected. As one reviewer noted: “For the seasoned gallery-goer the collection is full of surprises and has enormous breadth”. The collection features both renowned and emerging New Zealand artists, and crosses a variety of genres including painting, sculpture, photography, jewellery and ceramic art. It has been overwhelmingly well received by students and teachers, as well as a wider public audience, each agreeing that the Real Art Roadshow is art that moves, in more ways than one! students comments  teachers comments

Who pays for the Real Art Roadshow?

The Real Art Roadshow visits are FREE for schools and FREE for students. The visits don’t even require on-site handling by school staff! It’s all about making it easy for the schools to enjoy the experience. The Roadshow is run as a not-for-profit organisation and relies on the generosity of others to keep it trucking!

When is it on the road?

Now! The Real Art Roadshow itinerary is being coordinated by Fiona Campbell. Once schools have expressed an interest, she is happy to liaise with them so they can derive maximum benefit from the visit. itinerary  how to book

Does the collection come with learning resources?

Yes! The collection is supported by many free, high quality resources for schools including:

The Big Book of Essays – high quality images of each of the artworks in the truck accompanied by short essays by leading art writers. writers  artist essays

DVD – interviews by Peter Trevelyan with practicing artists and other arts professionals can be found on our video page.

The Real Art Roadshow sketchpad – more of these can be purchased from the truck – this helps us stay on the road.

Website – a good place to start school art research projects.

Email support – available at any stage of the tour; we are here to help. contact

And new from 2011 – Real Art Roadshow comes with an Educator on board to help teachers and their students get the most from their Roadshow visit.